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Jeep CJ5 with Chevy 350 V8

I Bought this 1977 Jeep CJ5 from somebody who paid a company in Cape Town a lot of money to "Restore" it.

Initially it looked as if it will just be a paint over and getting to run job. But it turned out to be a lot more work.

When I removed the carpets from the floor some paint came with it and I founf that they painted over the rust on the floor. So I had to remove everything on the floor with paint stripper and start from scratch.

The body was rather straight and it had new front fenders. The wind screen frame was rusted, I replaced with a new one. She came with no wind screen so I also fitted a new windscreen, new wiper motor and new wiper arms.

According to the invoices I received with the Jeep the engine and T350 gearbox were both rebuild during their attempt of a rebuild. All I did on the engine was to fix some oil leaks and fit a FiTech fuel injection. One the Gearbox I fitted and American Shifter for the T350 auto box, so it looks like a long manual shifter.

It had an ugly dash and I decided to build a new dash from stainless steel and install original looking gauges.

She received new alu rims, I kept the old tyres which were still new.

She received a 3 stage pearl orange. 3x coats base coats, 2x coats pearl and 3x coats clear. I used Glaserit paint.

When I received her, she had a Bone Crusher theme paint brushed on her. Although I appreciate it as an exceptional art work, it was not exactly my style and I decided to paint over it.

Most of the new Jeep spares I needed, I imported from https://www.morris4x4center.com

Jeep CJ5 before

Jeep cj5

Jeep CJ5 bonnet

CJ5 Fender

Jeep cj5 fender

Jeep floor

Jeep rust


Jeep floor

Jeep dash

Ready for paint


Jeep primer

Pearl orange

Paint jeep

Assemble jeep

Jeep new dash

Jeep with chevy 350

Jeep rebuilt

Jeep done

Final Product:

Willys CJ5

Willys Jeep

Jeep cj5


Willys Jeep CJ5