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Progress on my 1973 Chev Constantia V8

The Chevrolet Constantia was only built in South Africa. The house in the emblem represents the House at Great Constantia and the wheat are those of Malmesbury.

Chevy constantia decals

There are similarities between the Holden Statesman which was available in Australia.

The vehicle I bought had some rust, but the body was in good condition, no prior accidents and still original. These vehicles odo trips over on 100,000km, the previous owner said it had 126,000km on the clock when I bought it. Judging from the condition of the disc brakes, brake drums, etc, I can very well believe that it might be the case.

I quickly learned that most rust forms from the inside. When you see the rust on the outside it is already too late.

It is an expensive exercise but I decided to spend the money to have the rust remove the proper way, ie. cut it out and weld in new metal.

I have learned to love the rust. At least when you buy a rusted vehicle you know what you get yourself in to. If you buy a vehicle which has already been fixed, you never know how it was fixed. Did they just hide the rust which will come out again after a year or two. After stripping this car I decided that it is better to buy a car with rust you can see and have it fixed yourself. Unless of course the owner can provide documented prove that they fixed the rust by cutting it out.

Here are some before and during pictures.


Chevrolet Constantia

Chevrolet Constantia

Chevrolet Constantia

Chevrolet Constantia

Chevrolet Constantia vinyl top

5 liter holden v8

Late, after I had the air cleaner and tappet covers sandblasted and powder coated.

Holden V8 in Chevy

rust on chevy

Chevy Constantia


Fixing the Chev

Rusted metal

New metal

welded plate


door fixed

door fixed

Fix rust on Chev v8 door

front window sill

metal cut out

After the rust were removed the whole car were primed and then sprayed with filler.



Then we started with the colour

red constantia

waiting to be fitted

Chev constantia


Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia

Chev Constantia