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1973 Ford Ranchero 500 - 302 Cleveland

Information about my Ford Ranchero V8

I bought the Ranchero out of an estate in Bloemfontein. The previous owner was a Ford collector.

He bought the Ranchero from somebody in Sutherland

The vehicle was still stock standard, running its 302 Cleveland Motor.

It was still fitted with the original Stromberg WW carb.

The tank was rusted and clogged up the fuel lines and fuel pump. Thus I had to replace both the fuel pump and had the tank de rusted.

Things I learned while fixing it:
1. Easiest way to identify the Celeveland motor is, Cleveland has 8 bolts on tappet cover and Windsor has 6.
2. Cleveland's thermostat housing is on block, Windsor on manifold.
3. Note there is a difference between the fuel pump and water pumpof the two engines.
4. Finding a Stromberg carb kit proofed to be a challenge. The carb is a Stromberg WW and it turns out only Australia used these on Fords, not America. There are different carb kits, one with a straight excelerator pump plunger and one with a 90 degree bend, mine was the 90 degree model.

Part Numbers for Ford Ranchero:
Oil Filter = GUD Z95
Air Filter GUD AG473
Plugs AP6FS

Front Wheel Bearings:
Seal = 193250 5/16

Front Shocks - 4x possible numbers

Gabriel 4516
Gabriel 82126
Monroe 5809
KYB 343156



Ford Ranchero V8


Ford V8 Firing order